A Job at Walmart is As Smooth As a Dyson Fan

With the advent of the bladeless fan, I was reminded of how smooth a job at Walmart can be.Many people think that working at Walmart would be a hassle with managers in your face 24/7 but that is not the case at all. The training that one receives when working at this big box retailer is sufficient that you almost do not need management on the floor except to manage the flow as opposed to manage the employees.The cashiers are well equipped to handle the massive amount of customers that come through the lanes and the stocking crew works with nary a comment from the mid-level management.Back in the receiving department a truck backs in to have it’s freight unloaded and the process of unloading and warehousing the freight goes without a hitch. The truck driver even knows where to stand during the process based upon the safety training that is taught.Safety is a major part as to why things go so smoothly when you have a job at Walmart and the majority of the initial training is safety based. The management philosophy is that if you set up the business operation in such a way that the working conditions are safe, the employees will concentrate on customer service which is why the level of service is rated highly by those in the know.Now you know that a job at Walmart is not just a paycheck situation, it is a business that runs as smooth as glass.

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