Can a Job at Walmart Pay the Bills?

Many times we look at a job at Walmart and see the cashier that is working 20 hours a week to supplement the family income and put a few groceries on the table or we see the teen age stock clerk working part time for gas money while going to school.What we do not generally recognize is the person that has made a job at Walmart, a career at Walmart because we see so many part timers working there just making “extra” money.Believe it or not, the majority of folks that have positions with this huge Arkansas based company are in it for the long term and have their sites on a nice lengthy career as the opportunities available are massive.Store managers make very nice money and receive great training, a very nice retirement plan, health, life and dental with vacation pay to boot. If you were to look into it, you would see that an employee at Walmart can have health insurance for just 5.00 a month. That in and of itself is a good reason to consider a job at Walmart as health insurance rates are just about through the roof.Some of the long term career positions are pharmacists, warehousemen, truck drivers, merchandisers, buyers, accountants and even cashiers. With the varied opportunities, the great benefits and the opportunity for advancement, it’s not so strange to see why so many people are looking to land a job at Walmart so they can turn that job into a career.

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